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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Colin and Scarlett's Vacation in Argentina....

Scarlett is one of my favorite movie stars. "Lost in Translation" is one of my favorite movies of her (I may be an old school 'dude', but compared to now, even back then, the movies had a far greater depth compared to most of those that we see today).
(In photos obtained by TMZ)
 She used to have somewhat long hair, but now she features a short hair style. All in all, I think, compared to her age, she looks sexy with that haircut. Colin, her boyfriend, is more of a family guy, but Scarlett is not necessarily with him at that level. I'd say, she's more of an isolated person in the relationship. Therefore, no wonder it feels that she's seen as a bit thrown off her comfort zone when confronted by hey boyfriend's family. I'd say that Scarlett is more of a person that has been conditioned by the so called 'modernism', where as Colin, despite his NFL 'fame', mostly due to his family background, is a 'traditional man'. Their relationship is barely an year old, so will it withstand the test of their different backgrounds? Well, I guess, only time will tell... For those of you who are interested, below is the trailer of the 'Lost in Translation' movie:

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