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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bella Showing off Her Level of Confidence, As Usual

As far as women are concerned, there is nothing more sexier than 'confidence' (the egoistic belief in oneself). Part of why people are interested in such mentality ('men' or 'women') is simply due to the fact that a 'confident' individual (despite his/her sexuality) represent 'action' (ego is synonymous to 'action' or 'being active').

In that sense, Bella (22) has that masculine quality in which she has enough pride to bring into the surface of old fashions into the 'new'. Most people are simply floaters. They float through their lives without a definitive sense of pride. In between such individuals, there exist a handful that take pride in their core identity and has no fear in representing their individual expressions. I put Bella into that category because she has the 'balls' bring back 'old styles' into the so called 'new age'. Thus her choice in her belt that she features in this occasion or in summary the cloths as a whole, represent that mentality. I like a lot! She a 'gal with balls!'

If you are interested in, then below is a video link in which she shows off all the above mentioned characteristics.

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