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Monday, February 11, 2019

Bebe @ Grammy: Well, 'Flashing' not the 'iconic' Bum Most Certainly

At the Grammy's, Bebe somewhat surprised everyone but not 'flashing' her sexy bum, instead she had found someone who could feature her body in totally different way.
The 'fat red dress' actually empathized her face more than anything if you asked me. Her hair style and the necklace further empathized her face (and the eyes of course), or the upper part of her body as a whole, at the Grammy awards, and the red dress also reminds us the upcoming valentine's day as well.

And she openly admitted that this time around she wanted to feature something different -that is featuring other than her 'fat bum'- by saying that 'Yo!, you wish you could've dressed my fat ass!' which was followed by a 'twirling' anyway.

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