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Saturday, February 23, 2019

'Being a Mother has its moment' says Cheryl

Cheryl, the 35 year old singing star is busy these days getting herself ready for the final of her 'The Greatest Dancer' show. 
Despite giving birth to a sun about 13 months ago, she looked really slim and sexy for an 'amateur mom'. She said in recent interview that even though the sun is from her ex boyfriend (25) Liam, as a mother the cub has cost her in her social character in the sense that he has cost a her bit in her carrier.

That may be all true, but let me tell you something. Cheryl looked great on the screen, just as sexy as she used to be in the past. It all sounds like a lot of work (which it is), but she has emerged victorious at the end. That I think shows her core personality, which is all about personal ambition and will power. Way to go Cheryl!

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