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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Vanessa, Yep, 'Polar' Sucks Girl!

Not all 'supermodels' are fortunate enough to get themselves into the roles of 'great movies'. And sometimes, pretty much 'nobodies' get the chance to act in movies that receive immense admiration and as a result end up being 'supermodels' or 'celebrities' in general.

In that case, I'd say Vanessa Hudgens have always been quite 'unfortunate' as to almost always end up in movies in which the critics see little to no value. One of the reasons as to why that has been the case with her, I'd say is because she is extremely pretty and tall. And such physical characteristics have a tendency of being ending up deeply (and often darkly I'd say) objectified sexually.

Now it is true that there are movies that are of high quality that 'exploit' human emotions at such elevated extremes that are deeply fascinating, but as far as her new movie -'Polar'- goes, well, it just lack that type of elevation. And thus in a certain sense, it's a cheaply made one that perhaps tries to -in desperation perhaps- use Vanessa and her dark and sexual objectification as the selling point. In that sense, maybe it has served its purpose, but as far as quality or depth is concerned, it's just not that great and the low ratings it has received by popular movie critics also displays that aspect to a great extent as well. If interested in, below is the trailer:

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