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Saturday, February 16, 2019

'We're Still Pretty Close' Says Avril After the Marriage Breakup

A major health crisis is an immense test of not only one's character, but of those are closer to that character. It can easily break up your marriage for instance which is what happened to Avril, because a major health crisis forces you and your partner to re think about your priorities, to put aside your selfish ambitions and attend to that one person that matters most in your life.
If that person didn't happen to be the one who's facing the crisis, then there is no point in continuing with that 'union'. Unfortunately that's what Avril and her now ex husband came to realize during her Lyme disease crisis. Their marriage was barely two years old when that happened, but still, most people despite their instinctive brilliance (such as with singing) cannot truly understand the person that they marry. And unfortunately, it is not a skill that you can pass on to another human being.

In any case, Avril has said that even after their breakup her ex husband Chad are still pretty close friends. I honestly don't know whether she meant that or she faked, but I don't think Chad deserves such kind words. Oh well, the lives of our 'celebrities'.

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